About Us

We like to see the world through rose tinted glasses and spend our hours indulging in our wonderland dreams of all things equal. We all share ‘The Same Moments’ from birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, to moving in with our significant others. We are frequently on the lookout for inspiration from our surrounds to share the small luxuries and everyday pleasures to make each and every day a little bit more wonderful in the form of a token from our heart, a card.

Be you and never let nobody tell you who you are because we’re all perfect in ourselves

Why did we choose to create this website?

When my partner and I celebrated our first anniversary together we both had difficulty in finding appropriate anniversary cards for same sex couples while we were holidaying. Resulting in one card quite clearly meant to be a sympathy card of sorts. It read ‘On a day like this all I can do is send this message of love to you.’ and the other card, a blank greeting card with Pooh and Piglet holding hands. Discussions amounted from this and ‘The Same Moments’ was created.